Dimitri Varsamis Head of Digital Innovation Delivery NHS
Former Head of Digital Innovation Delivery


NHS England (former)


Dimitri Varsamis PhD is the Head of Digital Innovation Delivery in the Digital Care Models Group of NHS England, the national body responsible for public healthcare.

Previously, as the Senior Policy Lead for Digital Primary Care he oversaw the use of the national General Practice contract as the lever to roll out digital services to all 6,500 GP practices in England since 2018. He has worked in other areas of national clinical policy and has three degrees on medical devices.

Internationally, he represented the UK on the EU Joint Action on Chronic Diseases policy programme and led the Policy Summary on reducing mortality in England with the WHO European Observatory. As a Churchill Fellow in 2019, he researched the incentives and levers for digitising primary care in Australia, New Zealand and the USA. He also served at the UK government Department for International Trade with Healthcare UK.

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