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Frederic has 15 years of experience in the Hedge fund, Private equity, real estate, and Biotech space. As a principal at Argenthal Private Capital, Frédéric developed private equity projects based out of London after gaining experience as a European sales manager at Structured Retail Products Ltd advising mainly regulators. Frederic worked in the field of marketing with L’Oréal Giorgio Armani perfume. He was also a strategic analyst in Milan for a merger project in the field of health insurance for which he received an award from the French Ministry of Foreign Trade.

Frédéric studied in Prépa HEC, at Bocconi in Milan and holds a master’s degree in business from Sciences Po Paris, a school where most of the members of the French government studied.

While keeping strong ties with the Cote d’azur, Frédéric lives in the Italian speaking Switzerland. Frederic actively participates in the Monegasque artistic agenda and is the acting president of non-profit art association Aida monaco. He is married and has three children. Frederic is a passionate observer of real estate trends.

Borderent is a real estate investment company focused on border regions. Frédéric is perpetuating a four-generation-old family tradition of real estate investments in and around Monaco through his own investments focused in various border regions diversified across Europe.

In parallel, he is an advisor at a single-Family Office focusing on alternative investments.

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