Referentin Meri Istiroti
Group Coordinator


Liv Hospital


Meri İstiroti, who has been working in the health sector since 1990 in which, the private hospital management was not yet accepted and seen as conventional profession.

İstiroti, who has contributed to the training of many health managers, holds a degree in psychology from Boğaziçi University and a master's degree in Health and Hospital Management from Istanbul University and Bahçeşehir University.

She worked as a health manager at International Hospital, which was a model for hospital management in the sector, and then American Hospital, Yaşamkent affiliated to Bayındır Holding, Acıbadem Health Group, Bozlu Holding, Neolife cancer center and Dünya Göz, and then she has been working for this health group since the opening of Liv hospital in 2012.

Meri Istiroti, who has served as the chairwoman of the TÜSİAD medical tourism sub-working group, the Foreign Economic Relations Board Health Committee and the Turkish Health Tourism development Associations, has continued her work to become a brand in Turkey's health tourism.

Beyond her professional efforts, Meri Istiroti is a fruitful writer, with several books to her name, including 'Letters to 30 Lives', 'The Last Word of Your Doctors', 'Compass', 'Stories in the Doctor's Bag', and 'The Sycamore of Ballet'. She is also a proud mother of two children.

In 2014 and 2015, she was deemed worthy of the "Honor Award in the profession" from the Rotary clubs, the sectoral publication '' she was selected as the health administrator of the year in 2002 by "Hospital" magazine. She was also awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by Hospital Manager magazine in 2019 and the Lifetime Achievement Award by The Future of Health Care in 2019.

Currently serving as Group Coordinator, Meri Istiroti is committed to promoting Turkey's healthcare sector both locally and internationally, leaving a lasting legacy as a pioneer and inspiration for healthcare professionals and executives.

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