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Alessandra is keen in developing effective strategic partnerships to scale and globalise disruptive business in the energy, fintech and decentralise finance business which are complaint with at least one of the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. Due to her international experience, she has the ability to interface cultural differences creating successful cross-cultural teams to implement projects, essential for a globalised market.

Alessandra became the Princess of the German House of Bismarck since her marriage with the head of the House of Bismarck, fluent in five languages, has authored a book, directed and produced a documentary. She has lived in main capitals in three continents along the years, studied business administration at Mackenzie University, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, international marketing at the American University of Paris, French Literature at Sorbonne University Paris, France. She advocates for fastening the pace of the necessary shifts in society to achieve better life standard, increase global prosperity, by combining traditional values and cultural heritage with the implementation of cutting edge technologies for the creation of Smart eco-sustainable cities, early crypto investor and Angel investor, she is a board member of Blockchain Compliance Foundation, NFTpro and is an active advisor & connector to several tech startups and companies in Series A.

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